We build execution into every marketing strategy. We start with the smallest, meaningful, and launch-worthy components, then work with you every month make improvements that continue to make progress towards achieving your goals.

CALL OUT: Tell your story, better and better, every month!

Our approach:

  1. Define a project that can get done, fast.
  2. Get that done.
  3. Measure its impact against meaningful goals.
  4. Add another, and repeat.


Every client is different. Our approach allows us to respond to your unique situation and leverage the best your team has to offer.

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To know if you are succeeding, you must know your goal. Define meaningful goals. Be specific. For example, if you are thinking about redesigning your company website, start by defining the smallest amount of meaningful content you can and develop. This will be the foundation for your new website.


Build and launch this framework in the first month, with just this content. Step up tracking, conversion monitoring and reporting. Then get that project launched! Less is more at this stage. You need to have the foundation up, running and generating traffic quickly. Laboring over extras, and tweaking additional components will kill the critical momentum. Built it fast, get it launched and start collecting data.


Start learning from data. Transfer what you are learning throughout your entire company. Get everyone onboard with the data being collected and the learnings acquired. Get their feedback and add ask for more new ideas.


As new ideas for new content surface, we collect them in ‘content wish-list library.’ Each month, we assess and score the items in that list, prioritize content that is “doable” and relevant.


By creating a schedule over 12 months, we keep your team organized, and structured. Project scope is doable, measureable, and efficient. The process is flexible enough to adjust to changing needs.

Developing marketing with this process has enormous value to an organization. First, time-to-marketing is cut dramatically. No more months-long (or year-long) design processes. You’re up and running, and collecting meaningful results, fast. Next, because the process seeks feedback from your entire team, your entire company will gain a commitment to the process, and feel like their contributions will be recognized. This step alone, can improve communication across the company, but certainly builds a solid bridge between marketing and sales and keeps everyone aware of the impact marketing is having on bottom-line results.

(Link to blog about sales and marketing.)

Based loosely on the ideas in “Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Making the Competition Irrelevant,” (Kim and Maubornge ), Mure Media’s marketing strategy is all about helping you stand apart from your competition. This process is less expensive in terms of time spent, lost opportunities, and direct costs. Our growth-driven design methodology helps you tell your story more quickly, with greater effectiveness and, ultimately, with fewer dollars spent because we focus on doing what works.