Branding & Corporate Identity

“Not everything is design. But design is about everything. So do yourself a favor: be ready for anything.”

Michael Bierut

Branding is More than a Logo

Branding is the experience your users have with your company. It is the sum-total of all points of engagement and it is should not be left to chance.

What is Brand?

A company’s identity is the entire set of assets used to convey its message to the world. That is a long list, from the obvious, like a logo and tag line, to the more common-place, like how twitter responses are written. Each element can, and will, impact the way your audience experiences your brand. Everything leaves an impression, a ‘brand.’

Your Marketing Operating System

Brand is an encompassing concept that involves as much psychology and emotional impact, as marketing tactics. It starts with a complete identity system, including logos and color palettes. Your company’s visual assets are the foundation of you marketing operating system. Assets that are “out-of-brand” or “off-brand” cause breaks in the continuity of a user’s experience and can dramatically impact their impression of your company.

Great Design is the Foundation of Great Branding

We believe that great design is the foundation of great branding. Brand development starts with a passion that is contagious. It invites customers to share in your world and engage with your products and services. Mure Media brings decades of design experience to every project. We approach branding and brand development for our clients with passion, intelligence and conviction to excellence.

We can help you integrate your overall brand image.

What Our Client’s Say About Our Branding & Corporate Identity Work

We had a website for years and never knew if any business came from it. Mure Media showed us how to understand what users were telling us by looking at the real data of our own website. Within just months of launching our inbound website, we could see how a lead found us, what they read, when they engaged and what content moved them to become a customer. It’s amazing.

Closet Concepts

Examples of Our Logo Design Work

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