Content Marketing

“People need stories more than bread itself. They tell us how to live, and why.”

Arabian Nights

Helpful content attracts like a magnet (how-tos, infographics, stories, videos, pdfs, eBooks)

To really generate web traffic and interest that converts qualified leads, you need a strategy that includes publishing relevant, helpful material. Relevant to your target personas.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing refers to the practice of creating unique and compelling stories (a.k.a CONTENT). It’s a bit like great teaching. When you get the answers you need, or your world is opened to a new way of doing things, you respond. Content marketing is the art of preparing this kind of content, then publishing it where your best prospects can find it.

Why is Content Marketing so Powerful?

One Word: TRUST When you publish content that is so compelling audiences flock to it, they will also share their good fortune of having found it. Sharing increases your message, sometimes exponentially! Sharing seems to fulfill a deep-seated need we all have to be helpful. And when it happens, it is a really good for the brand that created it. Think about who you trust most in your life. Most of us have circles of trust, with the closest circle filled with friends and family. If one of them recommends a product or service, you listen and you value their story. Their story matters.

We Create Compelling Content that Builds Trust

From business blogging, whitepapers and eBooks, to emails and webinars, our content specialists can work with your team to develop compelling content that attracts, converts and closes. We know when and where to serve it to them through the online (and even off-line) channels. Content can be delivered in a lot of ways in today’s digital world.

It’s Not Just About the Words

Words aren’t enough to keep customers and prospects engaged these days. Visual content can capture and engage in an instant. The human brain actually processes visual content faster than text.

% of all people say they are visual learners
% of all information that enters the brain is visual
% improved influence with visual content

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