Email Marketing

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Email: The Invisible Thread of Effective Marketing!

72% of U.S. adults say they prefer companies to communicate with them via email
91 % say they’d like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with
—Marketing Sherpa 2015

73 % of major companies cite email marketing as a core part of their business efforts, 25 % rate email as their top channel in terms of return on investment
–2015 State of Marketing,

Email Builds Strong Relationships

Survey after survey reports that email is one the most effective communication channels available to the modern marketer. Effectively using email in your marketing mix means nurturing leads to become customers. It means keeping your brand top-of-mind for your best prospects. It means being there when your customers need you most. Ever-helpful, but never annoying – that is the trick to great email marketing.

Email Connects with Mobil Users

Email is mobile. Email marketing that does not render properly on mobile devices leads to lost opportunities. Be where your audience is.

72% of US online adults send or receive personal emails via smartphone at least weekly. (Forrester)

Email Marketing Is Good Customer Relationship Management

Advances in email personalization and list segmentation opens the door to true “smart content” that is personalized to each recipient. Effective use of automated customer relationship nurturing emails makes your company message relevant, helpful and, best of all, welcome. Use email to create life-long clients!

What Our Client’s Say About Our Email Marketing

Mure Media has been our marketing partner for more than a decade. They have built tools for us, designed our catalogs, and produced all our online and off-line resources. BUT, it is their understanding of email marketing that really makes our marketing work.

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