Inbound Website Development

“The future of publishing is about having connections to readers and knowledge of what those readers want.”

Seth Godin

Attract. Convert. Close. Delight.

Attract more prospective clients. Convert more qualified leads. Close more business. Create more delighted customers. Websites designed with the Inbound methodology produce measurable results that lead to business growth.

Is Your Website Inbound-ready?

Many companies have an impression that their website is a static document, like a brochure. And while that may have worked a few years ago, an effective website allows connections to develop between readers and the business. Knowing what your readers want and using your website to satisfy that need builds meaningful connections that lead to business success.

Growth-Driven Design Means Continual Improvement

Inbound websites are constantly evolving. We seek to build relationships with readers by publishing increasingly pertinent content that meets their needs and answers their questions. Informed by data that shows how real users engage with a site, our process of growth-driven design continually improves the effectiveness of each website we build.

Experience Matters

Mure Media has been developing websites for more than twenty-five years. We were there at the start, and watched the industry grow and change. Our focus on user experience means we design websites that are branded beautifully, intuitive, and effective at generating results. Managing a website is an ongoing affair. Engage a team that can guide your way. Engage Mure Media.

What Our Client’s Say About Our Inbound Website Development

We had a website for years and never knew if any business came from it. Mure Media showed us how to understand what users were telling us by looking at the real data of our own website. Within just months of launching our inbound website, we could see how a lead found us, what they read, when they engaged and what content moved them to become a customer. It’s amazing.

Closet Concepts

Examples of Our Inbound Websites

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