Marketing Automation

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Marketing Automation Brings New Levels of Efficiency to Your Marketing Mix.

More than just email, Marketing Automation combines sequenced emails with intelligence that drives results.

What is Marketing Automation?

Carefully crafted email sequences can be created and triggered for delivery for each segment of your audience. By better understanding a typical buyer’s journey from discovery to delight, we can create tailored messages that can be delivered over time. By delivering emails that matter as opposed to spam that is sure to be ignored, Marketing Automation translates into a sign your company actually cares about your audience.

How Can Marketing Automation Help My Business?

Keep in close touch with your contacts.

Marketing Automation is great for pre-sales, decision-phase and post-sales messaging because it can be hyper targeted to the very interests and needs of each audience segment. These sequences include triggers that alert key stakeholders within a company, like sales teams, to the engagement level any specific prospect…automatically. Workflows crafted around lead-scoring brings even more intelligence to your marketing team allowing greater efficiency and more accurate targeting.

How Do I Begin?

Marketing Automation is not like typical ‘blast and pray’ email marketing. It takes a solid understanding of your client’s needs, desires and motivations. But when campaigns are designed with care of the customer in mind, the results are simply amazing!

What Our Client’s Say About Our Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has helped us reengage with our lapsed members effectively and efficiently. We really could not manage communication with thousands of agents without these tools. Over 200 members have rejoined thanks to these nurturing campaigns.

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