Strategic Assessment

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Inbound Marketing Starts with a Plan

Inbound marketing is effective for companies in almost any industry —turning strangers to customers and customers to delighted promoters. Attract, Convert, Close, Delight, the 4 pillars of inbound marketing, sound simple enough until you realize all that is involved. Our strategic planning process assures you start your inbound marketing program correctly.

5-Step Planning

The Mure Media strategic planning process is the foundation of every Inbound marketing project.

Review (or define if not already written) meaningful business goals
Inventory existing messaging and media assets and assess alignment with goals
Review (or define if not already written) personas (a.k.a. Ideal Target Customers)
Align goals, inventory and personas, and identify gaps, duplication and weaknesses
Combine findings into a working assessment and strategic marketing plan that will guide all growth-driven design efforts

Real, Measurable Goals with Persona-Aligned Inbound Content

Starting with clearly defined business goals, we make sure that the entire team is aware of the destination. Are we try to increase traffic, build a qualified lead list, or push a new product launch? The goal is the starting point.

Next, we take into account where you have been, and what you have done. We look to leverage existing assets. We’re big believers in reusing or ‘reimagining’ content. We are adept at finding new life for underutilized resources in advanced inbound campaigns.

We then make a close examination of your audience – the people you want to do business with. Through an iterative process of discovery and interviews (with staff and clients), we create persona descriptions. These semi-fictional portraits of your ideal customer(s) help us align goals, content and new creative.

We wrap our findings into a complete strategic marketing plan that will guide your inbound marketing journey.

What Our Client’s Say About Our Strategic Assessment

It was clear from the beginning that Mure Media had impressive branding and design talents. Their experience with inbound marketing was what really set them apart—the strategy, tactics, creative content development, storytelling and that exceptional graphic design. The first part, the assessment and planning stage, was actually one of the most enlightening parts of the entire engagement. We learned so much about how our business impacted our client’s lives in 1 month, it was great for our team.

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