Reaching beyond the email marketing mass Blast!

Your customers are not a lump of demographic data points. Having a customer, no matter your business, is a privilege. Indeed, it is a requirement for business success, but the fact is, without customers, you have no business. The fundamental shift in marketing made possible by digital evolution is this: all marketing is now digital.

50 years ago, marketing was framed by the now-famous four P’s: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. Media giants developed to serve this machine, and mass media forced us into an age of mass consumerism, driven by clever copy, and exceptional creative distributed through a finite series of media channels. The gatekeepers of the mediated world studied consumer behavior, and refined the messaging techniques to a highly honed blade that could quickly cut through the “real” parts of our daily lives and invite us into the marketer’s world of perfection. This plastic, mediated world has been the realm of TV, Radio, Magazine, Billboards and other intrusion / interruption marketing for the better part of the last century.

Consumers, willingly, at first, marveled at these mediated experiences. They saw themselves made better by the hair care products, the faster car, the slimmer waist-line. We all loved the experience, and many still do! Seeing the rich world made possible with one single purchase is just too tantalizing to resist…at least momentarily, until the reality of product limitations smack us in the face. Buyer remorse may have become the most impressive psychological force of the late twentieth century. And yet, we wanted more, and more. Even when the product or service made us better, and gave us that feeling of greatness, the process was not complete. We have been trained to want more. We continue to want more stuff. But I digress…

The email blast is such a rude form of antiquated interruption marketing. Why, when it is so easy to actually speak to INDIVIDUALS would you forsake the trust of your brand, company reputation, or your own reputation for the old ways of mass-ter blaster? There is a better way.