Paid Advertising Is Over-rated

We’ve been helping our clients reduce their reliance on paid advertising, including paid search, for years. The inbound methodology has shown huge improvements in our client’s bottom-lines even as we have helped them reduce their over-all paid advertising budgets year over year. It is not all that surprising that among survey respondents who self-identify as inbound marketers there is common agreement the paid advertising is less-than-effective at generating desired returns.

What is telling is that, among firms that still are directing large portions of their marketing budgets to paid advertising 32% found print, outdoor and broadcast to be a wasted investment. Furthermore, an additional 12% found paid online advertising to be equally ineffective. Fully 44% of respondents whose marketing programs rely heavily upon paid advertising, cited paid advertising, in all its forms to be an over-rated marketing tactic.

Is this a case of “better the devil you know” or continued wishful thinking? It is hard to know. What is clear is that increasing numbers of successful firms are seeing the light and reallocating their advertising budget to the more profitable improvements offered by an inbound marketing approach.

There Is So Much More

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