Project Description

The Challenge

A new start-up had a promising new product, but had no idea how to brand themselves or how to market their system.

A New York start-up developed an ingenious HVAC unit that improved indoor climate control in one single unit. The unit costs less to run than conventional systems, is markedly quieter, and is more environmentally friendly because it consumes up to 30% less electricity, yet provides more consistent comfort. The firm had no idea how to brand this rather unglamorous product, and didn’t really know who their target audience was. And of course, they sought the shortest timeline possible from launch to positive return on investment.

The Solution

Through in-depth interviews with key stockholders, market analysis, competitor reviews and more, we developed targeted personas, created compelling branding and laid the foundation for a powerful content marketing program.

Our solution first addressed their visual branding with a new company logo, service icons and identity system. With the branding issues resolved, we designed a full-featured, responsive inbound website with integrated HubSpot marketing automation.

A View of the Solution

Alluring + Adroit

The Result

The power of efficient and comfortable indoor climate control now has a name and a complete set of branding assets and marketing tools to back it up.

Starting with a product that didn’t even have a name, we built a complete identity system including the company / product name, logo, packaging, product literature and promotional assets, as well as a full-featured inbound website and marketing automation platform.

Branding has always been about (emotional) connectedness. Our digital world heightens it to an extreme. Strong Brands leverage this and convert one-time customers into coveted brand advocates.

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