Project Description

The Challenge

A local coffee shop was a college-town favorite, but sought ideas to off-set encroaching commercial competition.

With ever more national chain stores opening within a few miles of the Latte Lounge, the center-piece of main street community grub was feeling the pressure. While business was still good, the brand needed to reinforce it brand and enhance loyalty.

The Solution

New website, logos, Lounge Lizard mascot, Van and Food Truck wraps, Social Media Contest, Mobile Integration, Perka Loyalty, t-shirts and more!

After creating a new website, social media presence and improvements to the shops overall visual branding, we helped the client develop a true loyalty program designed to reward and honor his best customers by implementing Perka and tying in a new Lounge Lizard character/mascot that show upon local busses, signs and banners. We further expanded the brand through a series of branded off-line activities, including a cargo van wrap and a food truck wrap. Upon releasing the van and Lounge Lizard character, we also engaged a selfie with the lizard social media contest across mobile, and web platforms.

A View of the Solution

Playful + Connected

The Result

The lounge lizard is truly loose on the street! And the town loves it.

An ecstatic and loyal audience that jams the coffee shop each morning. Latte Lounge is at the epicenter of everything this college town has to offer, and it is THE meeting place for bike clubs, running groups, teams, pre-theater and farmer’s market refreshment. Thousands of followers on social. Hundreds of Perka VIPS and a food truck that has already been to Florida three times!

Extending the Brand

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