It is always fun to see creative uses of new technologies, particularly when the use is both imaginative and savvy. Volvo is running a great campaign during the 2015 Super Bowl (otherwise known as The Big Game or The Championship, or the Superb Owl!). (See the campaign details here.)

As Volvo says, “instead of airing a commercial to show you what matters to us, we’re giving away five brand new XC60s to the people who matter to you.” Pretty nice. And better still, the trick this campaign is Twitter, and the competitions $100,000 per second ads run during the game. Tweet the name of someone who matters to you with #VolvoContest when you see any car commercial during the game. Tell Volvo why they matter and you could win them a brand new Volvo XC60. Nice!

Save yourself some serious cash, Volvo. Hi-jack / Ad-jack the competition, and spread the digital love.

Enjoy the game and enjoy the ads!